What is it KPO?
This sector around the town Králíky (German name of Králíky was Grulich in the past) was responsible for the defense of this part of the former German– Czechoslovakian frontier in the late thirties of the last century, and it was one of the most intensively fortified frontier sectors in Europe of that time. This sector consisted of three major fortresses (Hůrka – Berghöhe, Bouda – Baudenkoppe, Adam – Adamsberg) having extended underground facilities, number of heavy infantry blocks and extensive lines of small pillboxes supporting these big blocks between the hill tops named Maliník and Adam. Altogether, 247 fortifications of all types (56 blocks and 191 pillboxes) were structurally completed until the so called Sudeten Crisis in September 1938. For the soldiers of the border guard three modern barracks systems, one barracks for crews of pillboxes model 36 and two fortress roads to the fortifications Bouda and Adam were constructed. Telephone cable networks with more than one hundred cable chambers and many miles of infantry and tank obstacle systems have been carried out.
Some of these fortifications in the vicinity of Králíky town can be visited by tourists. Please feel cordially invited to visit these witnesses of a dramatic past as military museums and unique civil engineering monuments.
Museums in KPO
Common Weekends of Museums in KPO
Common Weekends – common visiting hours for all museums and monuments in the Kraliky fortified sector. Common Weekends in 2021
April 26-27, 2021
July 31 - Augus 1, 2021
August 21-22, 2021 - CIHELNA
September 25-26, 2021
October 30-31, 2021
Performance CIHELNA
Some historical displays which present various actions, events and weapons used in the times of WW 2. Presentation of current armed forces as well as rescue services of the Czech Republic. Exhibition of historical military technology and many other items.